Pizza Point Of Sale

The combination of hardware and
software delivers a complete POS solution
for Pizza stores

Pizza POS systems

Pizza software

Pizza Building Function

Advantages - What does it do?
Makes special toppings possible.

Benefits - What does it mean?
You can program the POS to automatically ask for special toppings, ingredients, preparation, etc. (like McDonalds).

Satisfaction - Value
Guides the operator automatically, eliminates order errors, makes additional revenue possible.

POS Hardware

QTouch 8
cash register pizza

Perfect for Small Businesses with its size, quiet printer, and touch screen menus for quick order entry. Spill proof screen protects from occasional accidents.

See QTouch 8
QTouch 10
Small all-in-one POS for pizza

Complete POS system out of the box. Includes printer, touch screen, customer display, and POS software. Get your fast food business started virtually over night.

See QTouch 10
QTouch 15
All-in-one POS system pizza

The QUORiON POS system with the largest touch screen. Increases order entry area and allows easy management of large table plans.

See QTouch 15

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