Touchpos is a Point of Sale (POS)
software solution for the restaurant and fast food market.

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Welcome to Touchpos

Touchpos offers a complete management solution and inventory system at Point of Solution (POS)

Touchpos is a highly intuitive point of sale application intended for hospitality and light retail environments where extensive employee training is not always possible or desirable.

Touchpos software Info

Why choose Touchpos ?

Touchpos can help any restaurant or bar run more efficiently. No matter whether you run a coffee shop, table service restaurant, doughnut shop, deli, pizzeria, or any other type of restaurant or bar, Touchpos will make your operation more efficient while saving money!

Touchpos order tracking

Touchpos order tracking

The most important feature of any restaurant pos software is order entry and tracking! Touchpos makes it easy to customize its order entry menu specifically for your needs.

Touchpos tracks customers, previous order history, and stores a restaurants entire product list and ordering menu. Order entry is fast and easy with touch screen support, or you can use a keyboard and mouse if you prefer. No restaurant pos software system is easier to use!

Touchpos features

Touchpos Features

Restaurant/Bar Mode
Sit Down / Take Away
Phone Order's
Design Floor Plan
Staff Loans
Bar Tabs
Customize Menus
Interface to Towa Enterprise
Individual waitron cash-ups
Email service for relay of daily figures
Interface to Scales
Interface for Booking & Billing
Receipt History Tracking
Happy - Hour
EFT - Integration
Snapscan - Integration

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